Is there a reason, a really good one, for a time and a place?
What if the time was to be a time long ago, a forgotten time, something in the future?
Then it smacks too much of an extersion of time in our own world - X days/year, Y hours/day, etc.
Maybe a different type of time flow...

I think that time is one of the few constants in the universe so it should not be messed with. However, I agree that a timeframe or place (relative to Earth) is not necessary for this world to unfold. I would say to leave it up to the imagination of the reader/user/player to put our world in a time and place, if one was even necessary. We have established solid physical rules that limit the possible advancement of technological advancement past a certain point so I think that we do not have to link it to our time or planet's existance in any way.

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