In the beginning:

Much has been written, conjectured and theorized concerning Toulne's rebirth. The indefinite mythology suggests, and it is believed in many circles, that Toulne exists as the unfortunate rebirth of the planet Golen.

The society in large of Golen was one of high mobility, technology and information; unfortunately, the advanced science it entertained was insufficient in prognosticative abilities and the physical abilities to prevent the ensuing cataclysm. The metal moon of Golen was struck and fragmented, sending shards to spear the planet. Unimaginable forces were sent into motion, and the planet was submerged in what we now call a 'nuclear winter'.

Almost all life on the planet was extinguished; starved and frozen, none survived. Waves of dust filled the air and then fell to the ground, burying evidence of Golen from view. Upheavals from volcanos, earthquakes and tremendous storms further sealed its secrets. But frozen and awaiting better times was a mass of DNA that laid the pathway for rebirth. After several centuries of deep freeze, the stuff of life again began to build.

However, the rebirth came in a shroud of highly magnetic ions due to the extremely concentrated elements of the shards and rock that fell. High in Lanthanide Series (rare earth) metals, other metals of high electromotive forces and a few others that do not exist on other worlds, they created an environment that furthered and hurried the natural mutation (and selection of the strongest) that took so long on other planets with extensive and advanced life.

These mutations created many new life forms. Humans split several ways, creating goblinoids and giantkin (some scientists believe that the giantkin were the first, and humans and goblinoids branched from them); these branches split further into the races now inhabiting Toulne (a name meaning "living dirt" in early human tongues). Unfortnately, the mutations also created dangerous life in the sea and in the air. Present day Toulne is believed to exist aproximately 500,000 years after the collision of the moon with Golen.

Somewhere in time, a chronicler named Agril realized it should be someone's responsibility to write all this down. He spoke with everyone he could, from all races he could contact, and amassed writings detailing myths, legends and hard evidence concerning the history of Toulne. He passed his work down to his family, who made it a matter of family pride to continue his legacy. Named 'The Tole of Toulne', it became almost biblical in stature, and still to this day is a living document.

It is from this document, comprising tens of thousands of pages, that this timeline is created.

AA0 (Time according to Agril) - Mankind emerged as a clan of barbaric beings somewhere in the heart of what is now western Heartland.

AA900 - The town of Genesis is created as a loose association of clan homes. Sewage and water concerns were of importance and forced the Cardia clan (ruling family) to establish the association to determine ways and resources to handle these problems.

AA1500 - Farmlands began growing and spreading across Heartland, taking advantage of the extremely rich soil and good weather.

AA1600 - Mankind has traveled to the south, east and north of Heartland. The clan of Pire settled in the Pirulean Rent and established two towns in the general locations of Strathclyde and Strathmore (Strath being the designation of 'town' in their language).

AA1650 - Eastbound travelers establish the town of Far'Ellen, on the eastern coast of the continent.

AA1660 - Southern bound travelers have founded the city of Kara deep within the grassland belt south of the Great Swamp.

AA1700- It didn't take long before the ruling class of Kara City created sufficient angst to drive off quite a few settlers. Some traveled along the south Slaught shoreline and established what will become quite the prosperous trading center of Chrysallis. Others moved to a western expanse of grassland they named Bolderdash.

AA1750 - Bolderdash alienated some of its populace, who moved further south to discover the isles of Alba in one case, and to the steppes below the southern mountains. This second group of people adopted a nomadic lifestyle and became the Vaungard.

AA1800 - A simple aging city worker, Baelogg, obsessed with eternal life and great power, plots and conducts the assassination of the mayor of Kara City. He then begins to amass power by favors, dark deeds and more killings.

AA1825 - Baelogg, through his subjugation of wizards and those who deal in magic and military might, gathers sufficient psionic power to become a god. He then attacks countries to the south of The Swamp, calling his new kingdom Karamoo.

AA1850 - Karamoo now extends from the Straits at the entrance to Slaught, to the southern wastelands, to The Swamp. Baelogg's iron fist and godlike powers make it a sheer hell for all under his reign.

AA2575 - FarEllen's more industious and adventurous travelers still had the fever of discovery. On a whim, several makeshift boats made a journey into the sea, finding the beautiful, luscious and raw island paradise of Ho'omo'lo'gai.

AA2585 - Adventurous travelers follow schools of high fish density, traveling north and east between treacherous sea mountains. They find the cold, rugged continent of Oojdoor. Most of the explorers were Starborn or Raugnorrn, and were shipwrecked with no hope of returning for years. The cross-breeding of these two dissimilar races resulted in the Oojay; almost Viking-like in appearance and great fishermen, then eventually become seaworthy and develop trade with Ho'omo'lo'gai.

AA2700 - Mankind has traveled to Hoblin and Paragon, settling along the north shore of the Sea of Slaught. Naval technologies emerge in the form of one Garnish Shmell, a Hoblin genius who builds the first large ship. Mankind also travels along the south shore of the Sea, establishing fishing villages.

AA2750 - Settlers have begun building a new town at the tip of the southern peninsula opposite Paragon. The settlers have adopted gutteral accents along their travels and have settled in the new land named Golen, after a mythical world. The town of Helene, in Paragon, is barely visible beyond the treacherous straits from this new village known as Augenschmitt.

AA2765 - Iron and coal are discovered along the mountains that flank the Rent of Pirule, and more settlers flock to the two Straths in search of employment. Companies develop strong capitalistic societies and use their powers to become what is now their government.

AA2768 - Human outposts beyond the northern reaches of the mountains lining the Rent are attacked by Goblin forces. The outposts are decimated, leaving few survivors. Later in the year, farmers from Heartland and miners from Pirulea surge northward for revenge, driving back the forces.

AA2785 - Trade across the Sea of Slaught has grown, flowing in a giant loop; iron and steel from Pirulebas to Greenville in Heartland, to the gem mines in Chrysallis along the south shore, to clothing goods in Golen and Paragon, to spice trade in Hoblin, and back to Pirulebas.

AA2788 - With the increase in trade has arisen danger. The unpredictable nature of Slaught takes its toll on a dozen ships this year.

AA2790 - A new ship design is tried out in this year in response to the high number of fatalities. The hull is much flatter and more barge-like; although the ships are less efficient, they are stable and can survive the huge rogue waves that terrorize the huge inland sea.

AA2800 - Alba is attacked by hordes of Goblins from the southern reaches. Castle Bortneigh is overrun, but the vicious Vaunguard people come to their aid and establish relations with the strange kilted ones.

AA2850 - Some settlers from Kara City, Vaunguard and Bolderdash, Mole-worshippers all, travel to the deep jungles of Pherax; they come under the power of lichs and establish their own devious city-state.