The Southern lands of Karamuha (Ka-ra-moo-huh)
Separated form the northern lands of Toulne by a thin landbridge to the West and a wide expanse of perilous marshes on the East, Karamuha is the wide, radical land that makes up the entirety of the south of the continent of Daiun.

Karamuha is a wide land of separate city-states each ruled by a warlord that came to power through his own strength of arm and armies. There is no unified government in the land, which is a boon for the rest of Toulne, as they would have long ago been overrun by the nation’s teeming masses if they could only work together. Instead, each city-state rules itself and its surrounding countryside, and is constantly struggling against its neighbor for more land or power.

Smaller villages and towns could be ruled by a powerful warlord on the rise. The larger city states must remain vigilant at all times, for the ruler of a village under their control could be the next usurper of their rule. The people of Karamuha range from the olive-skinned nomads of the southern mountains to the pale academics of Chrysalin; from the burly barbaric tribes of eastern plains to sleek and deadly pirates that scour the western shores. Their people are as varied as their rulers, and there’s no standard system of…well, anything.
Some known city states and their warlords:

Chrysalin – A city of glass spires and obsidian walls, ruled by an ancient crystal dragon called Vrizhimiliath. Generally amicable to trade with Toulne and non-hostile to outsiders; the government of Chrysalin taxes everything and everyone in order to pay for its extravagant tastes. The entire city is akin to the dragon’s wealth-ridden layer, and he does his best to show off. This city is well known for producing tremendous students of history, the arts and sciences, and magic.

Dugdunder – A massive network of cave dwellings and mountain huts that sprawls over several miles of rocky, mountainous terrain on the southeast. Ruled by a sentient pile of rubble called “The Breath”; the people here worship their ruler as a god, and believe it to have breathed life into the first of their people. The odd creature has been around for as long as any histories go, and is believed to be one of the direct results of the initial moon impact on the planet. The ores dug out of this area are source of a great wealth to its people, though they have little care for the material comforts that such wealth could provide.

Boldegash – This city spans a large piece of land that connects with the western coast, and is thus a grand center of commerce with other cities on the coast and even with the continent of Felune. It is ruled by a moon-cursed named Zanarin Tuille. Often called the most ancient of the moon-cursed, Zanarin has existed for untold generations and in doing so has become a creature of tremendous power. He is ruthless in pursuit of goals outside of his lands, but is benevolent to those within his rule. His city boasts a quite successful class of artisans, and the materials produced in Boldegash are often considered to be among the best in the land.

Pherax – Pherax is a land best avoided by anyone with a beating heart. This land is dark and fraught with peril, a haven for the true undead (not simply moon-cursed). This land is ruled by a Lich by the name of Virule Panagan, and it is a land full of chaos and death. All manner of denizen of the dark roam here, from ghouls to specters and skeletons to ghosts.
A Tiger Lich of Pherax
Virule has a “court” of nobles that rule under him, which are vampires, necromancers, and even more insidious creatures. Pherax, of course, has no trade with outside sources or economy. Its inhabitants deal in death and blood, and it’s all the neighboring lands can do to keep their evil contained.

Kara City – Out of his pure and absolute arrogance, the ruler of this city, a half-fiend mystic theurge named simply “Gemnon”, proclaims his area of rule as the capital of Karamuha itself. He still holds to that, most probably due to none of the other rulers caring too much than due to his actual power, though considerable. The city is ruled by Gemnon’s totalitarian regime, with absolute and brutal authority over nearly every aspect of life. There is a tremendous gap between the lowest classes and the higher classes, all hand picked allies of Gemnon. Known for its surplus of inexpensive (slave) labor, Kara City produces a multitude of items that the artisans of Boldegash find to be beneath their considerable skill.

Vaurguard – This sprawling land of plains and steppes can’t really be called a focused city, but is more a collection of clans that live a nomadic life within their own area in the east of Karamuha. Ruled by a powerful rage prophet named Krue Darhund, the people of Vaurguard exist largely on their own without outside intervention. They hunt, live off the land, and protect their own with fierce determination. They’re a proud and practical people, but tend towards the idea of survival of the fittest. If one of their people can’t hunt for himself, often times his life is quite short. Some clans of Vaurguard have been known to raid nearby villages or passing caravans, but the people mostly keep to themselves unless provoked.

Alba -

The only community on the continent that rules by pure physical power, Alba's government has the potential of changing every three years. At that time, the ClanGuerra, a grueling week-long competition, is held to see what clan will rule. Caber tossing, weight throws, sheep throwing, bare-fisted salmon catching and wrestling among the clan's chosen determine who will take ownership of Castle Bortniegh. Family clans rule their own land holdings and pay a handsome sum to military upkeep of the country. The chief products of Alba are wool (some of the finest on the continent), lamb, salmon, cudge (a funny Alban cow), and Life Water, a much-sought after whisky made of grain and aged for decades. Alba consists of over fifty islands in the Bay of Gael along the southwestern coast, and as such, much of the lives of Albans are dedicated to farming and shipping. The people themselves are very proud and boisterous, ready to fight at the drop of a pence, with thick, almost uninteligible accents. Often they have had to fight the forces of Boldegash, who believe the isles are part of their country.

Far’ellhen - A trade city state, Far'ellhen is near enough to Kara City to have to acquiesce to its power, but far enough away to have its own identity. Trade with Toulne's Eastport and the islands of Ho'omo'lo'gai have made it a very important city in its own right. As much of the trade consists of much sought-after but perishable fruits of the eastern islands, Far'ellhen has become another important breeding and training locale for zippers, and indeed, boasts a large percentage of Hoobers who have transplanted there. The city is ruled by a swampman half-breed wizard known as Bungo Toosh, whose business acuity and keen sense of trade has allowed the city to flourish.

Cambor - This is the only area out of control of the various warlords in the south. The city is a somewhat neutral entity, though both Heartland and Karamuha have claimed it to be a protectorate in the past. It is a center of trade between the two regions and as such is a very wealthy city-state of its own. Cambor's importance to both nations has allowed them to maintain neutrality, as either nation's claiming of it would lead to open war. Cambor is a vast and sprawling city along the south shores of Slaught in which nearly any good or service can be found. It has a strict force of guardsmen and is rules by a merchant council of those wealthy enough to but a seat.

Great Southern Wastelands