Sea of Slaught
The Sea of Slaught is a huge inland body of water along whose shores humankind has flourished since his inception. The moderate and calm weather coupled with rich soil created an ideal medium for planting. The circular wind patterns have lent well to a counter-clockwise trade route.

The Sea was created during the crash of the metal moon, just before the creation of the Rent of Pirule. It is believed that one fragment, probably a more regularly-shaped lump, struck the land from the north to south, mounding the mountains along the southern shores. Some of the soil mounded up and formed the Isle of Glint, to the east. Several moonpoles, named Simon's Sisters, then impaled the sea near its center. These poles have been used for navigation for many years.

Although the current around the 7,000 mile perimeter of the sea is relatively calm and predictable, near the center there are many rogue waves and whirlpools that appear randomly and disappear the same way. Around Glint and the Sisters, some rogues form around the lee side during high winds.


Heartland is as it suggests - the beginning of Toulne and arguably the most important [[#|country]] of the known world. As humans emerged from the remains of a previous world, they began life here and went their separate ways. The basic building blocks of DNA changed as mutations fueled by Toulne's blanket of magnetic and electromagnetic effects gave rise to the darker forces as well as great differences in humankind as well. Great migrations sent people northward across the Great Swamps, eastward to Far'Ellen and beyond, westward along the north and south shores of the great inland Sea of Slaught, and southward to the huge land of Karamuha.

Today, Heartland is governed by a strict representative republic and limited monarchy centered in the city of Genesis. This city is not the largest or most grandiose on the continent, but it doesn't need to be. In addition to housing the representatives of the various city-states, embassies of other countries are stationed there to have their voices heard in the Toulne Court. Trade through the city of Eastport on Slaught's eastern shore has brought prosperity to Heartland, as the sprawling grasslands and farmlands around the road hub of Greenville, to the west, produce much of the civilized society's foodstuff. Forts and outposts along the northern forests and along the southern Great Swamp have kept the people in relative safety. Staffed with well-trained armies, the military might of Heartland is one of the most powerful of the land.

A long and sigularly-minded country in the north, Pirulea was founded as the base for mining and industrial operations on Toulne. It is governed by an industriocracy, a term meaning that government's rules and regulations, the court system and the executive branches are all taken care of by a parliament of corporate entities. Rarely are people's voices heard, unless it is for the good of the company. The most powerful company for years has been Strathridge Steel, but Strathlowe Lumber and Lake Clay and Brick often join to gain a plurality of votes on important laws.

....Rent of Pirule
The Rent of Pirule is a massive chasm that runs from the southeast to the northeast, in the northern area of the world. This rent serves as a physical and political barrier between parliment ruled areas and the more lawless areas of the west.

The rent was created when a massive moon fragment slammed into the planet millions of years ago, as part of the violent collision that shifted the planet into an orbit that could sustain life on the planet's surface. The piece of moon rock hit the ground at the southern end of the rent and drove through the ground to the north. The rent gets deeper the further north that it goes, ending in an almost thousand foot deep crater lake at its northern most termination...the lake of Pirule.

This lake boasts an abundance of life, and provides a valuable food resource and export for the cities on the rent...if one can brave the waters. The deep waters can sometimes be increasingly violent, creating massive swells, currents, and even whirlpools. These dangers all seem to begin in the far north end of the lake, where it is assumed to be the final resting place of the moon rock. As fates would have it, this is also the most abundant region for fishing, so only the bravest or most dim-witted fishermen can take advantage of it.

It's a sort of unspoken rule that the rent is the barrier between civilized and uncivilized lands (at least from the perspective of parliment.). The lands on the east of the rent, and some cities close to the rent on the west side, are under parlimemt control. The further away from the rent one goes to the west, one will find power to be distributed among various factions, like the Warlords of Narn, the Moo'alini tribes of goblinkind, the cave factions of Rauah wolfkin, devoted of the desert demigods, and the far west radical government of Felune.

This city is under parliment control in mountainous western lands, along the long vertical rift called the Rent of pirule. This city is perched on the high side of the rift, with a network of pulleys, bridges, and other means of conveyance to traffic goods and people to the other side.

This city is under parliment control in name only, this is the city on the eastern side of the rent of Pirule. Strathlowe is like the rebellious little brother of Strathridge, and is more of a frontier town. Though the west beyond the rent is mostly civilized, it is outside of parliment control, which makes Strathlowe and its bigger brother very important landmarks.

Not to be outdone by the other, both Strathridge and Strathlowe have built up the areas closest to the rent with massive systems of conveyance and titanic buildings

The country of Hoblin is a whimsical place populated by hard-working, happy-go-lucky people willing to fight, sing or dance at the drop of a dime. A trade center between the spice-rich Varah nomads and the northern Slaught trade route, goods are often shipped from Trader's Excuse on the western coast to Felune.

But the most important goods created on these low-lying fields and plains are the zippers - magically enhanced blue five-legged horses that are arguably the most important draught animals on the planet. Hoblin's people, who call themselves 'Hoobers', take great pride in being the finest breeders, trainers and riders of the magnificent beasts - legendarily they claim a certain emotional link with the animals, and few other people can tame one. Many of Toulne's blacksmiths live and work in Hoblin and nearby Pirulea, primarily due to the zippers.

A benign monarchy, the country has been ruled by the royal Halahan family for generations. They have often found themselves at odds, and at times in war, with the obnoxious Paragonians - to the extent that Heartland has found it necessary to intercede.


The country of Glint is situated in a most opportune location; near the eternal party town of St. Jacques, along the eastern Slaught trade route and close to the trade city of Greeneville, there are many ways that money flows through Pup and Dand - including piracy. The MacTrestle family has ruled the island for years having established a good relationship with Heartland, and has received some compensation, they say, from lawbreakers using her harbors and wave-carved caverns (some large enough to hide an entire ship and riddled with secret passageways) to hide from mercenary police hired by trade companies. It's no wonder that the island is often steeped in mystery and intrigue.

The Royal Rule of Paragon is the country on the north Slaught shore near the Straits of Sorrow. The country has been at odds with just about everyone it has come across, as they believe their rule comes directly from a god. The Chez Royale (Royal House) of Rappondieux has been in power for nearly a century, and the people are kept under close watch by the Royal Guardians. The populace is very conscious of arts and literature, naturally considering themselves the most advanced of all people on the continent. Trade, winemaking and confrontation are their mainstays, even to the point of staring contests with Heartland itself. They exact a tariff from goods sailed to and from Felune, an action which has irked the western continent.

What trade skirts the Straits of Sorrow to the south usually finds itself paying smaller tribute to the country of Golen. Settled by efficient, at times warlike peoples at the end of their western trek from Heartland, they often are at odds with the Paragonians for just about any reason either side can find.

Governed by the monarch Geiss Goebels, the people are well cared for but are constantly under the watchful eyes of an effective and sometimes brutal police force. Soldiers from this country are usually well trained and fiercely protective of their own people, often claiming a 'divine right' due to their race. Tropical foodstuffs are the main cash crop. The people are stoic but brew beer extensively, seldom for consumption outside their land. The name of the country comes from an ancient myth of people who supposedly lived on the planet before them.

Wide deserts of sandy storms assail the wastes of Varah without mercy, making the land inhabitable by only the most hardy. Several tribes of wandering nomads call this place their home, though they tend to stay near to the oases that provide the only sustenance for miles between. Their chief trade is spice - many types of aromatic spices are grown only near the oases of Varah, and are considered highly prized and valuable. Many consider the most eerie and beautiful area of Varah, however, to be the Moonpoles. As they peak at an altitude thought to be over five miles high and widen into never-ending clouds, the constant waterfalls that disappear almost completely into mist, then reappear as drizzle, create a huge oasis that lends the vast area its only chance at life. The Varahpool river carries the water to the Sea of Slaught.

St. Jacques
The city of St. Jacques, officially under the protectorate of Kara, was established to allow trade between the cities along the northern and southern coasts of Slaught. Originally, they would take a tax on all goods shipped to pay for upkeep of the many bridges and ferries hauling across the wild and unpredictable delta of the Great Swamp. But it was soon realized that the ferrymen needed a place to stay over, since travel is long and arduous. Inns and bars soon sprang up and the reputation as a party town grew. Taxes were lowered when it was realized that the true revenue for the city was mostly derived from the inns and bars. The streets became alive with parades and much gaiety abounded at the least provocation. It also became a hot center of trade for drugs, prostitution and gambling. A mayor is appointed from the Karn govenrment, and his deals are best described as the most money, the quickest, with no questions asked. The police force are on the take as well.

From Far'Ellhen and Eastport, man continued his trek to discovery, taking a leap of faith across the waves to several beautiful islands to the east. Covered with palms and succulent fruit, the newcomers were so taken by the beauty of the islands that they decided they were created by a nature god they created named Gai (gah - ee). They adopted a natural lifestyle and became fierce warriors, consolidating most of the islands along the east coast into one kingdom.