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The island nation of Ho'omo'lo'gai was created by the same massive collisions that created much of the amazing features of Toulne, but in a more subtle manner. When the line of poles struck the western coast of Oojdoor, they cut through the crust of the planet and fractured it, creating a line of volcanoes that lead from the southwestern tip to near the Great Swamp (possibly even creating a plane of weakness that allowed the land to sink and create the swamp). Some, but not all, of the volcanoes are high enough to break the surface of the ocean.

The underwater mountains released pressure from the mantle, and the volcanoes are now inactive, except for a minor amount of island-building of the four major islands. The remaining mountains create extensive reef formations that have brought untold food sources to the Eastern Sea between Ho'omo'lo'gai and Oojdoor. Because of the practice of 'jerking' and drying fish (enhanced magically, in some cases), the transport of fish from the islands to the main continent is possible, and the delicacies are prized among the city-states to the west.

The underwater mountains do serve as a source of shipping concern, however, as the surfaces of the reefs change quite regularly; this has given rise to an occupation known as 'buckers', referring to a group of trained sailors who know the reefs inside and out and can navigate vessels through the Eastern Sea.

The island nation of Ho'omo'lo'gai was discovered by a Starborn adventurer named Melegai, as part of the eastward expansion from Heartland, eons ago. The band of discoverers stayed and planted roots, enamored over the lush tropical forests and extensive fruits and nuts that served as staples. Melegai decided to develop a new language to celebrate their good fortune in coming to, what to them, was a paradise. Peppered with smooth sounds and gentle cadence, and using few letters and complicated inflections, it became a beautiful method of conversation.

The Islands, as they are known along the eastern coast of Toulne, are now governed by a benign autocracy in the person of Holo'nana, a Raugnorrn who grew up working in the golo-fruit plantations.


As lush as the islands are to the southeast, the small continent of Oojdoor is barren and unforgiving. Lying farther to the north, the land was forever changed by the line of moonpoles that pierced the crust and sent the tectonic plates moving vertically (east plate higher than the west by some 2000'), creating huge cliffs along the western shore. High waterfalls are the ending point of great salmon streams that run from the central mountains to the west, making Mekdenoot a major fishing supplier. The nearby upper plateau provides grazing for goats, cattle and sheep.

The other three cities along the south and east coasts have developed into fishing and whaling ports, boasting healthy trade routes to the Islands, Eastport and Far'ellen. But Mekdenoot, being isolated from the ocean and the rest of the populace by mountains and deserts, has developed its own government, much like Pirulea of Toulne, an industriocracy, in this case based on foodstuff. Over years, great walkways have been cut into the cliffs and lead to a floating pier city known as Choolanoot, allowing Mekdenoot to trade.
Pier city of Choolanoot, with Dougnarr's Falls and Mekdanoot high above

The people of the continent call themselves Oojay (oo-jay), and are a strange mix of Starborn and human, normally ranging between 7 feet and eight feet tall but thick of limb and blue- to green-tinted skin. As they most likely arrived from Ho'omo'lo'gai there is some Raugnorrn DNA in the mix - besides being seven feet tall or more, some of the gaunt slenderness of the Starborn had been overcome by the thick musculature of the Raugnorm, creating a formidable race of fighting giants.

From mixing with humans, their race gained the trait of hair growth - many of the fighting clans adopt beards and long hair as symbols of their family and badges of courage. The hair tends, however, to adopt natural blue, blonde, red or green tints. Their clothing consists mostly of skins and furs, due to the cold climate, and they live mostly in stone houses with steep, thatched roofs.

The continent of Oojdoor has its share of violent geology, and its meteorology follows closely in severity. The only two known Everstorms to have been witnessed happened along the western coast a few generations ago. The entire soil and land was washed and leached clean of any nutrients, leaving a strange anomaly, in each location, of a hot desert far to the north, not far from a glacier. Other places are thought to have been created by these huge storms in the past, namely Varah and on Felune, but wizards cannot be sure of this.

Oojdoor is governed in a clan-type society by the chief clan, the Blue Breaughs, by the chief Gootsoroot.

Of particular note, a sizeable amount of Oojay have adopted a cult following of racial bias. These Starborn believe their race should be clean and free of all other traits, to the point of ethnic cleansing in the form of murder of children born outside their cult. They name themselves Pagooja, or "no mix". They live mostly in the central mountains and along the edges of the Everstorm deserts, and conduct very secretive meetings.