Torbertworlds Writer's Guild

"Why do writers write? Because it isn't there" - Thomas Berger
Welcome to The Guild. This is a place dedicated to writing, concerning both worlds created here and those of your own choosing. We encourage all writers to give the entire site a look and see if you would like to write about Toulne (and later on, other worlds we dream up) or just step out on your own.

This site is in its infancy now, so you may find it rough and rudimentary. We will be expanding later and even linking to another site, but for now, see what you find interesting on the rich world of Toulne.


Check this out - guidelines and ideas for submissions!

A Zombie's Life

Caverns of the Moon

Excerpts from The Moonpoles of Toulne:

The Leaping Poet's Society

On the Sucking of Souls...

I'm a Soul Man