The world of Toulne was devised for several reasons. As it is a fantasy project, it lends itself to Role Playing Games well; a short-lived game known as The Needstone demonstrates this.

There are other possible uses. We are creating a novel (perhaps several) based on the physical world and its quite interesting people and society. In doing so, it may be a site for sharing stories of different types, lengths, subject matter and settings, and we welcome any contributions here.

But for now, this page will detail the gaming parameters of various beings, monsters, characters and magic systems. You can use the site as a framework for gaming, using a site such as DNDOnline to provide the game structure.


Iokine (yo-keen) – the Shining Truth; Truthbinder
Alignment – LG
Domains – Good, Truth, Protection, Laws
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His is the patron of good priests and of the Knight Oder of the Shining Truth.

Baelogg, the Conqueror
Alignment – LE
Domains – war, law
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Masks, the Deciever
Alignment – CN
Domains – chaos
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‍Known demigods:

Svirilish, Mistress of the Marsh-

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Her priests are called simply “Callen”, and they often range from chaotic good to chaotic evil in nature (almost always chaotic.)
3.5E stats:
LA +1
+2 Dex, +2 Con, +1 Str, -2 Char
+2 skill to swim, +2 survival near body of water
+1 natural AC
+2 hide check
Underwater breathing
Weapon familiarity: proficient with net, spear
Special Attack: Tail whip (10’ range, trip attack or nonlethal damage) / Natural claws (1d6 lethal damage)

Brothers of the Sands - It's said that the Brothers of the Sands were human once, members of a society of desert nomads called the Bitka. These people crossed the deserts of Varah, living from one life-giving oasis to the next, their needs only the base needs of survival. But the brothers dreamed of more; they were told stories of the riches that could be found buried underneath the sand, and they took no heed of the dangers that could dwell in the deep. On one brave...or foolish...expedition into the sandy wastes, the brothers were met by a djinn...a powerful being of air and earth that created storms of swirling sand that brought the brothers to their knees. The djinn was about to destroy the pair, when one brother, Mahmo, offered his worship in exchange for his life. The other brother, Dak, cried out his frustration and pleaded with his brother not to sign a pact with this beast. But Mahmo would not give up his life for an ideal, and he agreed to serve the djinn. Dak, in the ensuing confusion, escaped, vowing to come back and save his brother from his fate.
Over time, Mahmo's service to the djinn brought him unimagined power. Eventually, he destroyed his master and took its powers for his own. He relished in it, but ever wanted more. Dak found him again, and the brother was overjoyed that Mahmo had cast off the bonds of servitude. But, Mahmo was not his brother anymore; he was the searing sands and the howling winds that plagued those who travelled the Varah. He was only appeased by offerings and prayers to his great power, and then only for a short time.

Gringe - Worshipped by the Albans and some Vaungardians, Gringe is a patron of the downtrodden and simple people. Worshipping and praying to him gives you strength to vanquish enemies who are attempting to subjugate you against your will. His priests are called Grainers and sermonize in the realm of chaotic good.

Gringe was rumored to have been an Alban human, captured in the First Taking of Castle Bortniegh and enslaved in the Caves of the Moon to the far south by goblins. He escaped their hold but was unable to escape the caves themselves - the same caves that were infused with moon-power and magnetic influence. Living on metal-infused fungus and cave-dwelling animals in hiding for decades, he somehow was subject to a very high concentration of the power, and became a demigod.

Mole - As mythology suggests, a strong wizard from the previous society of Golen discerned, long before the moon crashed into the planet, that such a cataclysm was afoot. He disappeared from society, where he lived underground in limestone caverns waiting the fateful day. the moonpoles missed crushing his cave, but sealed it off forever. The ensuing magnetic and electric interference, ripping into his very soul in waves, mutated him and gave him the power of a god. But the power also changed him, and his soul morphed into an icon of evil. From his vantage point and using his powers, Mole hears the prayers of the wicked and grants them powers to do his evil bidding. Most Goblinoids, and a few misguided humans, pray to him.


The Shining Truth – Centered in Paragon, the Shining Truth Order is a pious order of knights dedicated to the idea of the very purest good in man. They worship the Shining God, Iokine (yo-keen) with a zeal that can, at times, be frightening to behold
The Order is founded upon the tenets of faith, altruism and the protection and preservation of man. Races other than human are rarely given the “Burnished Shield” emblem of the order. The Shining Truth often has its own opinions of the nature of ‘truth’ and ‘justice’.
Sword of Virtue (Martial wing of the order):
  • Knight Commander
  • Knight Captain (faction leader)
  • Knight Leader
  • Knight
  • Squire
Sword of Faith (Religious wing of the order):
  • High Priest
  • Faction Priest
  • Accolytes
  • Rose – historically the order of the knights dealing in ‘specialized’ missions
  • Hammer – the martial order of the knights
  • Scythe – manages agriculture, finance, management and supply
  • Gavel – Judicial faction of the order
  • Scales –
Separate Titles:
  • Knight Justician –
  • The Silverthorne -
Order of the EbonyThrone

The Order of the Ebony Throne is a knightly order that started when a Knight Captain of the Shining Truth took to secret worship of the demigod, Baelogg the Conqueror. This traitor found that he had sympathizers – knights who found this new power to be intoxicating and who believed that they should rule by the right of power. These knights, after a failed attempt at destroying the order of the Shining Truth from within, fled justice and formed their own order.

The basic tenets of the order are conquer, control and establish order. They actively seek to have the entire world under their control so that Baelogg can rule from his ebony throne over the masses. For them, the only future worth living is one under the oppressive heel of their rule.

Although this is an order much like the Shining Truth, it has no home country to call its home. The Order is accepted in some lands but banned in many others and is actively pursued by many different groups, so the order must continue to move. It is now a nomadic group and travels between many accepted military outposts, never staying in the same place for long.

The Terra Wardens
The Terra Wardens are members of a brotherhood dedicated to the preservation and protection of nature, the planet and its people (though people are considered to be secondary to the macrocosm of the world itself). The loosely organized group consists of totem monks who practice their fighting arts to mimic the animals they worship; wild barbarian beastlords who command companies of woodland creatures; nature spirit shamans; tree druids who meld with the very trees they protect; and powerful and violent weather wizards.
Due to the chaotic nature of the individual wardens and the very thing they worship, the Terra Wardens are only loosely organized, preferring each warden to work alone or in small local groups. Once a year, at Summer Solstice, the heads of the local groups meet with the Prime Druid, leader of the local groups.
Terra Wardens, like all who worship nature on Toulne, serve a vast variety of local spirits that embody the natural world around them. There are thousands of known spirits and each offers power and protection to those who, in return, protect the spirit’s environment.